Sunday, October 21, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Thanks, first of all, go to Jen who did a fantastic job of keeping everyone up to date with famly happenings over the last week. I was "lucky" enough to leave the family behind and head to the City of Angels for a work related meeting.

Wednesday morning, after sleeping at my mom's in the Quad Cities, I was on a plane to LA by way of Memphis. Ah, the joys of flying out of a small "international" airport. Rather than a straight shot, I got to travel backwards a bit before finally heading towards my destination.

Roughly five hours later, I was walking through LAX towards the shuttle that would drop me at the hotel where our meetings would be held. The great thing about being sequestered in a hotel is that it makes whatever city you're in, look just like every other city.

I spent two days in meetings, and I was ready to come home by Friday afternoon. After spending another five hours in the air (this time stopping in Minniapolis instead of Memphis), I found myself back in Moline at 11:30 p.m. facing the choice between staying at mom's another night, or driving home right away. With the thought of being able to be home when Peanut woke up, I headed home.

It was so good to see Jen when I got home at 1:30 or so, and even better to sleep in my own bed again; Jen next to me and Leia curled up at our feet. The best, however, was seeing the smile on Peanut's face when she saw her daddy was home. It's nice to be finally be back.


zztopdog said...

How sweet!

Jen said...

We missed you honey and we're sooooooooo glad you are home. Peanut was like a miniature shadow of yours over the weekend...she didn't want to leave your side.