Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Progress Report

Maybe it's the special ed "teacher" in me, but I have to say at the end of the first quarter of school, Peanut has made some nice progress--in many areas.

1) Potty Training: Longest dry spell yet--Friday Oct 12 until Tuesday Oct 16. Dry over night, after nap and requesting underpants. Last night she even told me she doesn't like how it feels to have a wet or dirty pull up or underpants....YES! Done with pull-ups, on to stocking up on newborn size Pampers.

2) Tantrums: We have progressed from the toddler-ish scream, shout or occasional rude grunt or holler. She's come fully into all-out melt-down when she's P.O'd. On Friday night during her tantrum (which she could not even remember what she was upset about when all was said and done) I was kicked once, hit once, told "Get away from me," "Leave me alone," and "Don't touch me." I was torn between panic (she's just like me and I know how I was when I was oh, 9. 13, 17--seriously if she's like that, she's going to stay with the grandparents!) and humor--I had to laugh at the pure rediculousness of her behavior.

3) Play: We've moved on from Little People to Barbies, from Duplos to actual tiny Legos. Her most treasured toys at the moment, the full Justice Leauge, complete with replaced Superman (see previous post) Wonder Woman, the Flash and many others who I don't really remember but she does perfectly. We play babies, dress up and she cooks me dinner in her kitchen. Her latest trick with Swanny, giving him a "piggy back ride", you really have to see it to believe it.

4) Gymnastics: Tonight was the last night of the first fall session of Gymnastics (not to worry, Fall Session #2 starts next week and she's already signed up). Despite the fact that she is one year or more younger than most of the other girls in the class and, poor child, has inherited her mother's coordination, I saw definite signs of progress tonight in the following:

Her Handstands:
She no longer rests on her head and balances like a Weeble. I was impressed!

Her Forward Rolls (a.k.a. somersaults):

She does not always need the incline to fully roll over on her own and tonight for the first time, she didn't just let her legs flop over and just lay on her back. She actually sat then stood up to finish her move! Hooray, she's found her abs!!

And her Bar Work:
Hanging and Swinging on the High Bar

And holding herself up on the Low Bar

She's getting to be such a big girl. I can't wait to see what next "quarter" has in store for her and us!!


zztopdog said...

Wonderful post and pix!

pseudored2 said...

I would just like to say that she is more coordinated at 2 than I am at 32. Not a suprise to those who know me, but sad just the same.