Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's not quite the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown

With Halloween night comes a chance to follow up on a previous post. Last night, we finally had a chance to sit down and carve our pumpkins. With Peanut's fondness for "the Littlest Pumpkin", of course we had to carve her littlest pumpkin just like the one in the book.

After Peanut went to bed, Jen and I carved our own pumpkins (far right and left, respectively)...

Fast forward to this evening. Peanut was so excited to go treat-or-treating, that we could barely get her Snoopy costume on her. While she was bouncing around, she said, "This is going to be so fun!!" She was right.

Also, I saw my new favorite pumpkin carving twice tonight. I've only got one picture, but it cracks me up every time.

Nothing says funny like a jack o'latern that's throwing up.

Happy Halloween!!


Jen said...

Puking jack-o-lanterns are banned within our home next year, just to go officially on the record....And Snoopy was so cute. She had a blast.

zztopdog said...

Great pix! She looks so sweet!