Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

Went to bed last night around 10:45. Slept poorly because I didn't want to sleep through my cell phone's alarm. The alarm goes off at 4 a.m., I stumble to the bathroom, get cleaned up and dressed, then kiss Jen goodbye. I head downstairs to make a smoothie for breakfast, but I can't find all the parts to the pitcher that was in the dishwasher.

Frustrated, I grab some oatmeal and my gym bag, get in the car and make the twenty+ minute trek to work. I get there right around 5, and make sure the store's ready to open at 7.

We open, and it's not the mad rush that the media would have you believe. The busiest shopping day of the year is the day ofeter Thanksgiving any more. It's Peanut's birthday, December 23rd. My staff and I spend much of today waiting on customers and ringing their purchases, but in volume, it amounts to no more than a REALLY busy Saturday.

I leave the store at 1:30, having finished my 8 hours and head to the gym. I really needed to work off all the turkey, stuffing, pie, potatos, and bread that I had at Jen's dad's on Thursday. I push some weights around for abour 40 minutes, then head home.

Peanut's napping when I get home, and Jen is prepping mushrooms for our Thanksgiving feast on Saturday. With the two of them busy, I'm free to grab a shower and try to relax a little. I don't have to wait long, however for Peanut to wake up and for Jen to put me to some light work.

My mom shows up around 5:30 and she, Jen, Peanut, and I head downtown for the "Parade of Lights" that kicks off the holiday season in town. Despite the cold, Peanut enjoys the parade, waving to people on their floats and digging the fact the they throw candy and beads.

When the parade is over, we head home for some hot chocolate and pizza. Peanut has a minor meltdown during dinner, right before her bath, and right before her story. I chalk it up to near exhaustion for a little girl who's been on the go since Wednesday afternoon.

So that's it. Peanut and Grammie Pam are asleep. Jen is puttering in the kitchen, and I'm ready to fall asleep at the keyboard. Hopefully we'll be going to bed soon. After all, we got a late Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow and the Mizzou/Kansas football game to watch. Saturday's going to be a hell of a day.


Jen said...

You've exhausted me with the list. I'm looking forward to a good meal and watching a good game tonight with you!!

The Mrs. said...

Enjoy your second Thanksgiving feast with family and friends! I hope the Oreo truffles are a hit (that is if Swanny hasn't eaten them all already...).

Jen said...

My step-mom's dad had the best reaction to the Truffles....they were a hit across the board by the way. I will have to wait to share the comment he made with you in person Mrs, as I don't really think I can edit it enough to be appropriate to post on the blog! :) Truffles are gone, but I still have half of 3 pies in the fridge if anyone wants some desert!