Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bleeding Black and Gold


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Today the Mizzou Tigers take on their conference rival the KU Jayhawks for the biggest and most important Border Battle in either school's history. Kansas, currently undefeated and ranked #2 in the BCS standings will take on my alma matter, who have only one loss and are currently ranked #4. A win today sends my Tigers to the Big 12 Championship to avenge their one loss to Oklahoma, who was nice enough to loose again last weekend making things even better for MU. With LSU's tripple over-time loss yesterday against Arkansas, a win today for Mizzou literally makes their drive for the national championship possible. Also, I would be negligent here if I didn't also thank the loyal Illini fans who read the blog for their team helping out as well by beating OSU a few weeknds ago! Despite having a house-full of Thanksgiving guests, I'll be sporting my black and gold and Emy will be proudly displaying her Mizzou pride. Tune in to the game tonight on ABC at 7pm and cheer on the Tigers! (FYI--I will be unavailable for phone calls, emails or any emergencies that would bring be away from viewing the game between 7 and 10 pm tonight--leave a message or contact Swanny). :)


The Mrs. said...

Good luck, Mizzou. I'm sure we'll be watching!

zztopdog said...

Go Mizzou again!!!