Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Preg-o Update Number 1

I'm officially 13 weeks pregnant, feeling pretty well and the baby's heart is racing away at 145 beats per minute (and that's OK...per Dr. E.) I think it's time to officially put out the question, will Baby Langston be a boy or a girl??? What do you guys think?
Here is some basic data on the pregnancy so far to help you make a decision:
Some morning sickness (mainly just nausea) that lasted from weeks 7-11, which on the plus side is far less than it was with Peanut, but on the down side the nausea has also plagued me in the evening and at times throughout the day. Not sleeping really that well during normal sleeping hours, but I'm usually pretty close to unconscious from about 8:00 until 11:00 pm. When I was pregnant with Peanut, I had some cravings but they were more like food fads. Pizza rolls were in vogue for a while then it was mozzarella sticks...things like chocolate donuts were favorites frequently. The cravings with Baby Langston have hit me hard. I will see something and realize I need it like 10 minutes ago. Swanny told me I turned into a cliche when I really needed pickles a few weeks ago (at least I didn't want ice cream to go with it!). Tonight the TiVo stopped at the end of the Amazing Race waiting for us to delete the episode we had just watched. Swanny and I became engaged in the typical discussion of the teams that need to be sent home when I realized that the frozen picture of a Subway sandwich on the screen was driving me crazy. I was still very full from our dinner, but boy I could use a Subway. The more I meditated on it, it became clear what I needed: a slice of deli ham with a small piece of colby cheese all wrapped around a dill pickle. Swanny totally did his part and prepared the snack for me. It was delicious and I think I'll have another.
Oh, by the way, I'm thinking that only a boy could be causing me these crazy symptoms!!


Swanny said...

What about the fact that you've been obsessing over food from Sonic for the last few months. I swear it's what living with a pothead must be like.

Ah, who am I kidding? I love Sonic too.

Swanny said...

Onion rings and a lemon-berry slush?! At 11:00 at night?! Is that the only reason we went to Columbia? Good thing Molly lives so close to a Sonic, huh?

The Mrs. said...

You know what I love most about this blog? How Swanny and Jen make comments to each other on the blog even though they're most likely sitting feet away from each other. Communication through the internet - it's so romantic!

Swanny said...

To be fair, we were sitting across the room from each other.

srios24 said...

You two are sooo funny!! I miss you guys!! Anyway, I am sticking with a feeling a have had from the beginning-GIRL. Sorry, but both of the pregnancies with my girls were completely different. Jayden however is still hoping for "Jordan" (still thinks you have committed to him!!) and a fellow male to help him wreck havic at family renunions. I will let you break the news that the name isn't gonna work for ya!!!

Oh, who doesn't love Sonic?? Everyday slush run with me and Ady!!