Sunday, November 11, 2007

A challenge to myself

Rather than wait to make a meaningless resolution at the new year, I figured I'd try a meaningless resolution now. Okay, not meaningless, but it's certainly going to be tough to maintain.

This morning I stepped on the bathroom scale and was confronted with what I'd been guessing for a while.

About a year and a half ago, I started "The Abs Diet", from "Men's Health" editor-in-chief David Zinczenko. It's a great program that's not a just a diet, but alos stressed the importance of strength training. During the first 6-8 months that I was following "The Abs Diet", I lost about 35 pounds, feeling better than I had in years.

In February of this year, I injured my shoulder while at the gym/work/playing with Peanut. I wasn't able to comfortably work out for a while, eventually having to go through physical therapy for a month and a half. Since then, I've been reluctant to get deep into a workout, fearing another shoulder injury.

Add to that, the fact that when I'm absolutely a comfort eater. If I'm a bit anxious or depressed, comfort food all the way, man. McDonald's, donuts, candy bars, pretzels, all kinds of crap. The last 8 months have been littered with the debris of my recent horrible diet.

Bringing me to this morning. I've officially gained back all the wieght I lost before. Luckily, I'm tall, which hides the fat a bit, so it may not be quite as obvious to everyone, but I can certainly tell. Tomorrow, I'm back on "The Abs Diet". I figure if I post about it here, for all to see, I'll be better able to keep myself honest. With any luck, I'll fall right back into my old good habits. There can only be good upsides to doing this. I'll live a lot longer, be able to play with Peanut longer, and I'll be able to keep up with the new kid when he/she comes along this summer. I guess getting into shape for winter rec league basketball is a good thing too.

By the way, my starting point as of this morning? 260 lbs. My goal? 250 lbs. by the end of November.

Here goes nothing.


zztopdog said...

Good for you, Honey! You'll serve as my inspiration!

Anonymous said...

If I can quit smoking after 65 years, you certainly can get your weight down below 200 pounds. No pain, no gain (or loss). You can do it.

I have not had one cigarette since October 1!

True confessions: On the night that my friend drove me to the emergency room with a terrible nose bleed, he was smoking in the car, and I asked himm to give me the last puffs, which tasted horible!!!.


Jen said...

Normally, I would volunteer to get into the trenches with you (at least abiding by the smart food choices at home), but, I will be the first to admit that caving to cravings is one of my favorite things about being prgnant. :) I'm pulling for you though!

The Mrs. said...

Good luck, Swanny! And how brave of you to start a diet right BEFORE the holidays. You're stronger than I am - I think I'll join in on the pregnancy cravings with Jen (and NO! That's not any kind of announcement. I just don't want her to feel alone with just her cheese sticks to keep her company).

Ms_H said...

Congratulations! I tripped across your blog because of the reference to the Abs Diet. I have not done it, but several of the suggestions have been useful.

Good luck!

pseudored2 said...

First that Manning spot is one of the funniest i have ever seen! Good luck on the diet, espcecially around the holidays. But I am with Jen, the one part of being pregnant I am enjoying is eating crap with justification!

Tig said...

I'm also trying to lose some weight. I've got 15 lbs more to go (I've lost 10 already), but I doubt any of them will be lost over the holiday season. And more probable is the fact that after Christmas, I'll have 20 lbs left to lose. I seem to lack the one main ingredient to all good diet/exercise plans - Will Power (I'm eating a McChicken sandwich as I'm typing this). So that being said - more power to you! Good luck!!