Saturday, December 22, 2007

Belated Addition for Leia's Gotcha Day

It's been a busy, hectic and strange week around the Swanny household, but I wanted to post a few additions to Swanny's post about Leia's gotcha-day.

Leia was our first baby.

We had been married a year and half when we decided, "let's get a dog." Both of us being dog lovers with a tendency to over analyze some things, we began to read books on dog breeds and getting a puppy. We discussed options ranging from Rotweillers to Corgis and I'm not sure how we ended up considering Boxers. Well, it was fate for Leia to be ours. While driving to see a client with my co-worker we saw a sign "Boxer Puppies for Sale". As we were early for the client, I called, the folks selling the puppies were home and we stopped.

The puppies were of course adoreable. (What puppies aren't?) I was holding Leia and the man showing us the dogs said, "We call that one Jedi." Anyone who knows Swanny and his love for Star Wars could tell you this was a sign that this dog was destined to be ours. That weekend (it was Sunday by the way Swanny) we brought her home and gave her a more fitting name, "Leia".

She slept in my lap and cried a lot that first night. Sooner rather than later she showed us her true nature which included playing, playing and more playing. No matter if it was a bone

or her rope.

Of course she slept a lot and loved to cuddle. Those things never change!

Now-a-days Leia still loves to play. A tennis ball is her favorite toy, but she can never pass up a toy with a squeaker and plush toys she can rip apart.

My favorite thing about Leia is the way she loves to cuddle as if she belonged on your lap like a yorkie. She's our big sweetie--we love you Leia!!!


Swanny said...

Jen, thanks for doing far more justice to Leia's Gotcha Day than I could during this busiest of busy weeks. She certainly the best boxer that's ever lived in our house.

zztopdog said...

She is such a good girly!