Sunday, December 23, 2007


December 23rd. It's a day when most of us are scurrying around buying last minute Christmas presents, finishing our holiday baking or even traveling to a Christmas destination. For the past 3 years in the Swanny household, it's a day when we pause from the Christmas bustle to celebrate the single best addition to our family.............Peanut.

She decided that she knew better than the doctors, who told me not to expect her until after the New Year and wanted to get here in time for Christmas presents (and as Swanny points out, the tax deduction). She knew it was my first day of Christmas break and thought, why not make my appearance today. Our hospital experience was a breeze that I hope repeats itself in May when we go through it all again with her brother. We arrived at Morris Hospital at 8:00 and she was born by noon.

Look at that red hair! It didn't stay that way for very long. She slept for the first day solid waking up only to eat just a little. While both surprised at her early arrival, Swanny and I were both so excited to bring her home.

Of course when we arrived home on Christmas Eve, someone was very eager to meet the new little person who came to live in our house.

Over the past 3 years I have been amazed at how quickly Peanut has learned, changed and grown.

Peanut you light up our life. Every day you show me how to look at life with fresh eyes and how to enjoy every minute. From playing with bouncy balls, doing puzzles, reading stories, dressing Barbies or making a cake in your kitchen, we have so much fun playing and learning. You are a very special little girl and we are so blessed to have you in our lives! Happy Birthday Sweetie!!


zztopdog said...

Wonderful post, and delightful pix! I'd love for you to email me that last one; it's great!

The Mrs. said...

Happy birthday, kiddo! We hope you have a fantastic third birthday!