Saturday, March 15, 2008


I can't believe you are 6 years old today Jayden. I remember the day you were born, the day you took your first steps, and your first Halloween costume--you were the cutest frog.

I remember the day you held your baby sister for the first time, the first time you said Auntie and the first time you had Whitey's ice cream (it was pumpkin--one of my favorite flavors!!)

Now, you're in Kindergarten, writing your name, reading words and playing soccer, baseball, basketball and football. What a busy guy.

You are an amazing little man and you're growing up fast. We can't wait to hear how your basketball game went today and hope that you have a fantastic special day.

All of us love you and miss you very much buddy!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!


pseudored2 said...

Oh dear god, how in the world is that little guy 6???? I now feel very old and I have no idea where the last few years have gone! He is getting so big and is turning into a very handsome man. Pass along my Happy birthdays!

The Mrs. said...

What a smile - that's a future heartbreaker if I've ever seen one!

Happy Birthday, Jayden!