Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What the hell happened?

It's been a strange couple of days for our household. Peanut started attending a new daycare (more on the that in a future post), I took a nasty spill at work (which involved tripping over a display, spraining my ankle, and gashing my arm), and Jen had a small accident here at home.

Bizzare huh? That's what happens when you remove a colander too quickly from a pot of boiling water while making dinner for yourself and a toddler. Apparently the result is that said water will leave the strainer fast enough and hot enough to scald your belly right through your clothes in the pattern it left.

Lucky for us, Peanut is willing to use her play veterinary kit to give us a complete medical exam to help treat our injuries.

Hey, it's either this or she continues using the kit to "euthanize" her stuffed animals.


zztopdog said...

Swanny, don't click on FENRIDAL above!!!

I hope everyone is OK; that scald looks really nasty. Thank goodness Emy was there for you!

Swanny said...

Thanks ZZ. I didn't click on it, just deleted it.

pseudored2 said...

Wow, that looks painful! I am actually suprised i have never done that to myself, but then again I do not cook. Hope you are both better soon. And no not let Peanut put her animals to sleep, that's just creepy!