Monday, March 31, 2008

What you should have said, was nothing.

This, to the teacher who told Jen (because she was wearing a lovely blue shirt today) she looked like the blueberry girl from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".

And to the parent who told Jen she looked "just about ready to pop."

I know we seemingly live in an age where people have sense of decency, or just don't think about what they're saying (I know; I've got no room to talk). Maybe stop to consider that this usually incredibly kind, smart, sweet, funny person might be just a smidge tired of people ogling her belly and telling her how big she's getting.

People who know expectant mothers: Stop this foolishness. You're making life harder for the husbands/partners/boyfriends who are trying to help our significant others feel less frustrated about the ways their bodies have changed to accomodate the life that's brewing inside.

Sorry kids. I get a little defensive of the wife sometimes. You know how it is.


pseudored2 said...

i hear ya...why do people think it is ok to remark on pregnant people's weight. WOuld you say something like that to someone not pregnant? No. So rule of thumb is shut it...and under no circumstances call a pregnant woman fatso...I also took someone' heart right out of their chest for that one.

Anonymous said...

Someone once said "the only thing you should say to a pregnant woman is 'you look beautiful'". It is a great rule-of-thumb everyone should abide by.

You DO look beautiful Jen.


jen said...

Thanks for defending my honor Swanny.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I always think pregnant woman are beautiful and you don't have ANYTHING to worry about after you have the baby Jen. Your body will go right back to your skinny self. You know that yoga works wonders.


The Mrs. said...

Okay, I admit that I'm one of those horrible people that commented on the size of Jen's belly yesterday. I hope I was able to comment with a little more tact than the Willie Wonka commenter, but perhaps not.

The entire process of pregnancy and childbirth is amazing to me - truly the definition of miracle as far as I'm concerned. I can't help but be in awe of how, seemingly overnight, a woman's body can change when they're carrying a child. I see it not so much as how "big" the mother is but how much (and how quickly) that little life inside is changing.

Anyway, I truly hope I didn't add to your bad day, Jen. You look amazing - most women (me included!)would kill to look as wonderful as you do this late in the game! And I have no doubt that I'll be hating you for being back to your pre-pregnancy size (or most likely even skinnier) mere weeks after brining Swanny Jr. into this world!!!

(((HUGS))) for Jen, and a high five to you, Swanny, for sticking up for her!

jen said...

Mrs--not to to worry. You have enough tact in the way you share your wonder at the rate at which Swanny Jr. grows that you certainly did not hurt my feelings. :)
And thank you all for the nice comments. I appreciate it, although I wish someone would have a talk with the nurses at the dr's office--do they HAVE to weigh me every time--I mean, it's obvious we're both growing fine!! I couldn't get out of it today though....

Swanny said...

I seem to have struck a chord.