Friday, March 28, 2008

Hard Work Being 3

The following is a true event which took place in our house the night before last.

Picture it: it's approximately 2:40 am, Swanny and I are sound asleep with Leia between us and Maggie snoring in her bed. Peanut has been slumbering peacefully since approximately 8:30.

The silence is broken by Peanut crying from her bed and calling for mommy and daddy. At this point in the pregnancy, it takes me a good 2 minutes when wide awake to hoist myself out of the comfort of our bed...there are times when I feel like a Hoyer Lift would be a more efficient means. So anyway, Swanny goes to get Peanut.

She informed him that she had a bad dream and wanted to come sleep in our bed. As this is a rare occurrence, we typically oblige. As they travelled into our room, Swanny asked Peanut about her bad dream.

Apparently, it had something to do with me having the baby. Something about the baby bursting out of me (which is the part that scared me) and then (the part that really scared her) I turned into a lollipop.
She said to Swanny, "I was so worried about her."
Swanny reassured her that mommy would probably not turn into a lollipop after having the baby and Peanut then made him promise to keep it from happening. Hope he can keep his end of that deal.

We then all enjoyed a fit-ful-night's sleep thanks to the ever-flopping 3 year old. When we woke in the morning, her head was on Swanny and her feet were on me.

Gotta love kids.

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The Mrs. said...

Oh, my. That's quite a dream! And Jen, I have to admit that I was laughing about your hoyer lift comment. I remember those days all too well! Can't wait to see how much your belly has grown over break! =)