Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Is it possible that this was part of a master plan?

I thought the sleepless nights wouldn't start until Swanny Jr. arrived. Apparently, I was wrong.

Monday morning, 2:20 to be exact, I awoke to Peanut calling from her room, "Mommy! Daddy! I'm awake!" I stumbled my way down the hall to her room and explained to her that it was very early and that it wasn't time to get up yet. When I left her room, it was with the hope that she, Jen, and I could sleep somewhat soundly through the rest of the night.

Wrong again. Approximately half an hour later, Peanut, not to be outdone, called for her mommy. I remember Jen getting out of bed, but soon fell back to sleep. Jen later recounted that Peanut wanted her to lay down in bed with her. Jen did so and after telling Peanut that she needed to close her eyes (instead of staring at Jen) they both fell asleep. Jen woke a short while later and came back to our bed. Another night down.

Flash forward to this morning. I woke up around 2:30 or so to the sound of Leia licking her chops incessantly. I've seen her do this a few times before, so I figured she just had something in her mouth that she couldn't choke down. I called her up onto the bed and stuck my hand in her mouth, trying to grab whatever was giving her trouble. I didn't feel anything and Leia kept smacking her lips.

Jen and I were trying to figure out why she was stil carrying on, when Peanut hollered for Jen. While she went to see what Peanut needed, I was still thinking when else I had seen Leia acting like this. I soon had my answer.

Per Peanut's request for more light, Jen turned on the bathroom light and called to me, "Swanny, one of the dogs threw up in the bathroom." Ohhhh, that's right... Leia starts acting like this when she's either just gotten sick, or going to get sick again. Lovely.

I hauled my sorry ass out of bed and quickly cleaned up the bathroom while Jen took the dogs downstairs to let them outside. If Leia was going to be sick again, we'd rather it happen outside. It was while I was wiping up the mess that I noticed there weren't as many "chunks" as there should have been considering the amount of space that had been covered. A bit of nausea struck me as I realized that the only thing worse than having your dog throw up is knowing that, probably, your other dog ate most of it.

I wait while you collect yourselves.

So, is this coincidence? Conspiracy? Are Peanut and the dogs taking an early stand against us for bringing home another faily member? Who can say for sure? But I think the girls just might be up to something.


zztopdog said...

I have actually seen that our dogs will usually eat their own throw-up! Nice.
Hey, at least it wasn't on your bed!

pseudored2 said...

Oh yes, the joys of dog ownership! And if it makes you feel any better i am up every night about that time....young ones are fun!

The Mrs. said...

What is the MOST disturbing thing to me is that in order to "investigate" you stuck your hand in the mouth of a possible barfer. *gag*

And I'm with zztopdog...our (psychotic) dog would try to eat his own vomit. *double gag*

Sorry your nights have been less than restful. Just think of it as a dress rehearsal for Swanny Jr.'s arrival!

My_Dog_Is_Better said...

Well I had two original things to say but I see others have already said them. One was that I was more disturbed by the thought of you swirling your hand around the throw up mouth, and the other was that it you may have had only one culprit for both events: The puker is the puke-eater. My dog loves doing this. Hey, it saves on cleaning time.

Swanny said...

Evidence at last. First of all, I want to reiterate that I've never (really) seen Leia eat her own puke, so that's the main thought behind my belief that Maggie ate Leia's tasty midnight treat.

Secondly, a couple of days ago, Leia got sick again (this time in the morning, in the living room) and I let her outside so she could throw up in the yard instead of on the carpet.

Maggie went out right after I watched Leia get sick again (in the yard) and she locked in on it, and went straight for the hot, steaming pile.

Great, now I feel sick.