Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Jen!!!

I finished the laundry this morning, took out the trash, swept and mopped the kitchen floor, did the dishes, and picked up the random crap laying around the basement. Just trying to make your special day a little bit easier.

Hopefully, those things help make up for this; some higlights from the last 29 years.

Sure, there are more pictures around here somewhere. Great pictures of Jen as a little kid, a cheerleader in high school, with her soccer team, with her sister, and so on. But hey, I've to save something for her 30th.


Anonymous said...


Hope to see you at yoga soon.


zztopdog said...

Best wishes from all of us!

Jen said...

Note to self--hide all pictures from Swanny before this time next year. I think you mopping the kitchen floor was a great gift today!
Also, Julie--I hope to be at yoga sometime this week....thursday maybe?? And ZZ--I love my new bag. Used it at work today!! :) Thanks again.