Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Rub some dirt on it and get back in the game.

When you own a Boxer, you do so with the understanding that there are requirements that come with the breed. For example, Boxers are not what you'd call "low-energy" dogs. They need lots of exercise, play time, and of course, lots of room in your bed.

The other thing you accept is that they are right there with Golden Retrievers when it comes to developing cancer. When you have a boxer you understand that, while little lumps or bumps probably are just that, if those lumps or bumps get bigger, it may mean something nasty is coming your way.

That being said; a couple of weeks ago, I took Leia to th vet for her rabies shot and pointed out a couple of lumps that we were concerned about to the doctor. Dr. Clayton is a great vet and always lays it on the line. He told me that he didn't like the look of the lumps, and that he wanted to take them very seriously. He gave us the choice of either having them removed and biopsied, or leave them be and see what happens down the line.

(in the picture, the lump on her leg is barely visible about 3 inches below my thumb. there's another on her other leg.)

We opted not to wait.

Looks brutal, right? Try being in the same room with her. Leia's a very healthy dog, so it's unusual to see her moving a little slower than usual. She's also sleeping quite a bit, but who can blame her? After the kind of day she's had, I'd be zonked too.

We have to keep her from chewing on the stitches (not a problem so far), so an e-collar may come into play, but otherwise she should bounce back pretty quick. I know she'll feel a lot better once she can eat again tomorrow morning.

Stayed tuned for more updates this weekend, as we find out her test results.


zztopdog said...

Poor little girlie! Hope she's back to her old self soon!

Anonymous said...

Poor thing - those boo boos look rougher than when Shane had his removed !! I will keep her and you all in my thoughts and prayers.


P.S. We miss you at yoga, but certainly understand that staying home and taking care of Leia is way more important.

The Mrs. said...

Praying for good news from the vet and for a speedy recovery!

pseudored2 said...

Poor baby! I know the problems and keep an eye on Spenser. I hope that sweet miss Leia is soon feeling better she just needs some love and cuddles.