Thursday, April 10, 2008

Well that's a little p'awkward...

A funny thing happened on Tuesday and again on Wednesday. On both days, this blog had unusually high numbers of visitors. Don't get me wrong, I was excited to see that so many people were stopping by, but really, 180+ hits on Tuesday? Slightly less than that on Wednesday? Freaky.

Then I started noticing what these folks were checking out. They were traveling directly to my "review" of the latest Steven Wright album. At the end of that post, I tagged a line about Mike Birbiglia being "thin and hilarious" (this in reference to someone calling him pudgy and awkward), and it was this mention of Birbigs that brought people by this blog.

That's cool and everything, but to make things even better, I discovered today that Mike linked to my blog in his latest "Secret Public Journal". "Swanny, you're full of crap," you say? Fine don't believe me. Check it out here, I'll wait. Are you back? Did you see it? It was the link tied to "pudgy and awkward". Pretty cool, huh?

This whole thing has made me realize that even though most people don't care about what I have to say, they'll still find their way to this blog if I mention (semi-)famous people in all my posts.


Jen said...

Definately your brush with the near famous week! A link from the Secret Public Journal and a name drop on the Pardcast....what would make your week more complete.

Swanny said...

As it turns out... An ARC of Marcus Sakey's forthcoming book, "Good People". That really tied the week together.