Wednesday, May 28, 2008

For God's sake, close your mouth!

Whether it's euchre, rummy, Monopoly, Scrabble, Mario Kart, whatever... Jen and I are a competitive couple. Not really with other couples, and not about everything. But if we're keeping score, then we tend to do our damndest to come out on top.

That being said, over the last two days, Jen is crushing me in a contest that neither of us knew we were in.

Anybody who's raised a boy (especially infant boys) knows that changing their diapers is like playing russian roulette. You never know when it's going to happen, but sooner or later, your luck runs out and you get pissed on.

You learn real quick to either cover the kid's junk with the front of the fresh diaper, or invest in a wee block.

I fell victim to this particular pitfall yesterday evening. I was changing Swanny Jr's diaper just before bed and I peeled down the front of the old diaper and I got nailed. Not full on in the face or anything, but enough that I had to change clothes and wash up a bit. I'll never make the mistake of not using the wee block again.

It could've been worse, though.

Jen's leading 3 to 1.


zztopdog said...


Rikki said...

Nice. Those little pee-pee teepee's are key! For some reason as soon as the ding-a-ling hits open air, boys get the urge to pee. One of life's great mysteries!

The Mrs. said...

I'd say that's not a mistake you make twice, but apparently it is looking at Jen's track record.

Speaking of competitive, what I really wanted to hear about was how Jen beat you in rummy, what was it? Five games in a row? All while having intense contractions only minutes apart.

Women rule!

Swanny said...

Son of a... But I was... She... Ahhh who am I kidding? She smoked me in rummy. But that's nothing new.

Doing while in active labor was a neat trick, though.

jen said...

To be fair, how am I supposed to use the Wee-Block when I'm trying a) wipe poop off of the business o b) put vaseline on the circumcision?! I think Swanny Jr is just trying to pay me back for spraying him with milk.

-k said...

Finally making my way through all the blogs from DGM. Congratulations on the new off spring - better learn to be quicker, guys! (btw: my husband takes a certain joy out of whooping me in Monopoly.)