Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Day for Dads

It's Father's Day and I must take time to pay tribute to the wonderful Dads in my life.

Peanut and Swanny Jr. posed for the photo above so that I could frame it for Swanny to take to work with him. Peanut was so proud of that idea she had for his gift. I think it turned out very nicely.

Swanny is a great dad. Swanny Jr. just lights up when he hears Swanny's voice now. His eyebrows raise and he looks for his daddy. One of his favorite places to nap is snuggled up on Swanny's chest--where he is right now. Peanut just squeals in delight when he comes home from work and always enjoys her time with Daddy. They wrestle, play basketball, play board games, enjoy playing the Nintendo Wii together, read stories, play playdough and watch movies together. The two of them share an almost obscene love of chocolate milk, an enjoyment of music from the Counting Crows and Barenaked Ladies, and the same whimsical yet ironic sense of humor. I see the time he takes with her, the way he laughs with her, guides her, corrects her when she needs it and know that I am very fortunate to have his help in raising our children. Happy Father's Day Swanny.

And here's to my Dad, Grandpa Ron as Peanut knows him. I can recall so many good memories from my own childhood as I think about my Dad--bike rides, Sunday morning breakfast, trips by the railroad tracks, and cutting down Christmas trees. I love spending time with my Dad and find that the time I share with him becomes more treasured the older I get. I love seeing how much he reminds me of my own grandpa when I see him giving my children snacks and all the change they can possibly carry to their banks.

And of course, there's Swanny's dad, Swanny Sr, who we can all thank for passing his sarcastic wit and love for groan-provoking puns on to Swanny. I can tell he sure loves watching Peanut grow and learn and that he is very excited about his new grandson.

And to Swanny's Grandpa, known on this blog as Peanut's GGpa. He's 80 and has a lot of spunk. He has been like a Grandpa to me since I've known Swanny. In fact, when my own dearly loved grandfather passed away in June of 1998 (a full 3 years before Swanny and I even got married), he told me that even though my grandpa was gone, I still had one left--him.

So enjoy your day Dads--you deserve it. Love and thanks to you all and for all you do/did to raise me, my husband and our children.


zztopdog said...

Happy Fathers' Day, Swanny! You make us very proud!
Love, Mom & Maria

Swanny said...

Hangin' out at home with the fam, grilling steaks for dinner, having a couple of Leinie's, and going out for ice cream. I've got to say, it was a good day.

Reiki Girl said...

Hi Jen & family! Congrats on the new little one...he's gorgeous. Sounds like everyone's adjusting and doing great! Miss you at the Y. Stop in some night.