Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Yeah, it's been a little crazy around here...

It's been kind of quiet on this page for while; sorry about that. Here's what we've been up to during our time spent ignoring our faithful readers.

I splurged a little and got a new bike.

Okay, so that's me on Peanut's new bike, but maybe if I'm really lucky she'll let me take a spin.

We picked up her new princess bike a few weeks ago. Even though she skinned her knees in a fall on her very first trip down the driveway, she's really taken to riding. With Jen and Swanny Jr. in tow, Peanut has ridden to the church just down the street, to the park about half a mile away, to our friends' house about a mile away, and has never once complained about getting tired or wanting to quit.

With the warmer weather we've been experiencing (check local listings), we broke our Peanut's pool. It's not as fancy as her friend HP's, but Peanut's happy so long as she's got a slide that leads to water.

Of course, where Peanut goes, Swanny Jr. isn't far behind.

So that's a little bit of what we've been up to. How's your summer going?

OH!!! By the way! The other reason we've been out of touch?


zztopdog said...

Very cute!

Rikki said...

Glad to hear you are all alive and well. I wait with baited breath to until you show up on Thursdays ;)!

Peanut looks great on her new bike. We may just have to schedule a Thursday bike-day at Homebase...

See you all soon!

pseudored2 said...

Swanny jr. looks like such a big boy! jeff lilly and I can not wait to see you soon! I will have to watch it because I tend to call the kids by their blog names and not their real ones!

The Mrs. said...

Looks like you're enjoying your summer! I can't believe how much Swanny Jr. is growing - what a cutie!