Sunday, July 13, 2008

What a day I'm having!

That's right, Peanut shows no fear when it comes to the water. It's always a good time at Gayle and Bubba's house. Sadly, I'd like to turn your attention to the small black object on the deck to the right of the picture.

Can you tell what that is? That's right...'s my phone.

Like a true idiot, I didn't pat myself down before I got in the pool. A couple of minutes after Peanut and I were in, I happened to feel something in my pocket. That's right. It was my goddamn phone. Even though when I discovered it, the phone was still looking for service and vibrating, the water soon overcame it, and it now appears to be fried.

Son of a bitch.

While it's an inconvenience, it's not the end of the world. However, stay tuned to see how this little drama unfolds, because Sprint (our service provider) has really started to piss me off.


zztopdog said...

Me too! Want to change to something else? Is there Verizon in your area?

Rikki said...

Time to get that iphone! ;)

Start your Apple conversion now. Maybe next time you could swim with your computer up your shirt...

Seriously, that sucks. Why do they even have pockets in swimsuits? Dumb if you ask me!

Becky said...

Not to laugh....but HAHAHA!!!!!! First of all, I'm relieved to have the back story to the comments made on your lovely wifes facebook page....second, I just recently fried MY phone while trying to answer it while taking a shower. I wasn't UNDER the running water, but my face, hands and hair were wet enough to get it WET. Then just when I thought it was almost dried out, my little Sammy D got a hold of it and I found him swishing it around in the dog's water dish! LOL!!!!!