Friday, September 19, 2008

6 Quirks--Tagged Again

Thanks, Mrs for tagging us here at My Life With Dogs--again. For those of you who may have missed the previous tag, we were requested to list 6 quirky thing about ourselves. Coming up with 6 more was not as hard as I thought it woudl be and who knows, maybe it will inspire another food related list for me as it did before!

It took some mulling over, but here are my confessions:

1. I will re-load the dishwasher if someone (Swanny) has not loaded it in what I consider to be the most efficient or orderly manner--I only do it because I think I can fit more dirty dishes in it...I think this irks my husband.

2. I am absolutely incapable of putting my clothes away or depositing them in the correct laundry recpticle for more than about 3 days in a row. I'll do a mass pick up, clean up, stow away effort and dedicate myself to the effort of sustaining the proper order of things, only to fall miserably short a few days later as laundry accumulates on the floor and clean stacks pile up on my dresser....sigh.

3. I am a late person. You know who those people are: they tell you they'll meet you at 10 and don't show their face until 10:07. Hi, my name is Jen, and that person is me. I'm late to church, late to work, late to the doctor, late for appointments (haircuts, Early Intervention clients, etc). I think my concept of time is just skewed, and yes, I can tell time.

4. I never estimate corretly the time it will take me to accomplish something (this feeds into the above mentioned punctuality issue). Ask Swanny, he'll question me about how long it will take me to finish something in the kitchen or a project in my office so we can tag team the kids...I'll say 10 minutes and I know that he automatically adds 5 minutes to that. He'll call me and ask how long it will take me to get home and I say 20 minutes, he'll add at least 5 usually 10 to that given time. He teases me about this when we're in the car and as the navigator, I answer a call promising someone, "Yeah, we're 5 minutes away," and he says, "you know it will take us at least 10." I just say, "but we could make it in 5 minutes!". (We never do by the way). Having children has NOT helped with either number 3 or 4 here.

5. I teach Yoga and in so doing always remind people about bringing more awareness to their thoughts, actions and words--using more loving kindness, more honesty and greeting every moment with an open mind and even-ness of temper in order to more fully experience life...Yeah, that temper thing....SUPER hard for me. The Italian-Irish blood in my veins makes even-temper a near genetic impossibility for me. I have learned to control my temper, and truly do thank Yoga for that aquired skill, but I really do have a long way to go before attaining a truly equanimous approach to the most challenging situations in my daily especially, the raising of children taking a close second

6. I am pretty sure I am physically incapable of beginning to prepare anything in the kitchen, be it a snack, a meal or even cookies or treats, without first putting all dishes away, cleaning off all counters and having a completely clean work area. I know I can just leave the 3 dishes in the sink until I'm done--lets' face it, I'll be washing more anyway, but I can't. They have to be clean and put away before I begin. For example, the tortilla chips with cheese that I just prepared required about 5 minutes to put away bottles, breast pump accessories, dishes from this morning that were clean in the sink and wiping the island about 4 times total. Order in the Kitchen is a MUST for me, despite the relative chaos you find elsewhere in my home!

Swanny will have to come up with his 6 quirks yet, but on behalf of us both at My Life With Dogs, we tag the following people to post their 6 quirks:

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Jess at Under the Stairs
Rikki at Boogers, Kisses and Spilled Milk
Becky who is reporting From the Laundry Trenches
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and Julie--I know she doesn't have a blog, but she lurks on ours and can post in the comments!! Namaste Julie. :)


Anonymous said...

Alright, here's a comment from the lurker. I didn't know you were always late. I thought it was due to the kids. It's always funny to see someone else's quirks until you live with them, huh ? I re-load the dishwasher too, but not after Marty, because Marty probably doesn't even know we own one let alone how to open the door. I re-load after Jess, who is still learning the most efficient way to load, but at least she tries.
Another quirk of mine is having to make the bed every day even if it's one hour before bedtime. I'll save some of my other quirks for Greg's post.

Namaste, Julie

pseudored2 said...

Tagged i am, I will get on that. I fortunately have no need to re load the dishwasher as my husband sees it as a big game of tetris.

BretCB said...

And so goes my perfect record of not being tagged. :P I'll get on this in the next couple of days.

Amber said...

I'm so glad you found me. I love keeping up with what people are doing on their blogs. I totally understand about rearranging the dish just has to be a certain way.

Rikki said...

Done and done!

You have introduced a whole slew of blog-ignorant Canadians to the world of tagging.

I am no longer a tag virgin! :)

Becky said...

ditto on the done...i too have been tagged for the first time....what FUN!!! :)