Thursday, September 25, 2008

That's right, I was tagged. Like a year ago...

... at least it seems that way. It was really just last week. Time gets away from me. I saw that the Mrs. over at One Carbon Hill had tagged Jen and I, and I had every intention of getting right on my 6 quirky things. However, I did not count on my sudden, near-obession with a little show called "Heroes". Jen and I have watched the first two seasons on DVD, almost every night during the last week and a half. It makes for some late nights, and blogging's been impossible since I'm trying to contentrate on these folks trying to "save the cheerleader, save the world."

So, I'm playing a little bit of catch-up.

Six quirky things about myself that you may not know.

1. I love DVD's. Jen can kind of take 'em or leave 'em. She's content to see a movie once and then not worry about whether or not she watches them again (although there are some exceptions to this). Me? I can't get enough. I have to purchase the DVD's of the movies I like because I know that I'll watch them again and again. Perfect example: Kevin Smith. I've been a big fan of his since "clerks" (am I right General?) and just recently, I picked up most of his flicks. I'm waiting on "Mallrats", but it'll be coming soon. I think I can wait on "Jersey Girl", though.

2. Given the choice, I will only drink Leinenkugel's beer. I've had some beers in my day, and almost all the other brands either give me a headache shortly after getting started, or leave me with a hangover and beer farts the next day. Leinie's is the best for me not only taste-wise, but I never suffer any of the horrible side effects. Leinies helps me be the lovable social butterfly that I am today.

3. I have the uncanny ability to lose weight and get in shape quickly with not a lot of work, if I just put my mind to it. My problem? Putting my mind to it.

4. I have a man-crush on Jimmy Pardo. Go to iTunes and listen to "Never Not Funny" to hear why. Sarcasm, fake anger, quick-fire wit; these are the ideals that I aspire to. Coming Oct. 1-4 at Zanies in St. Charles, IL.

5. I say "douchebag", "idiot", "jerk", and "son of a..." to an almost alarming degree. Not necessarily in that order. Apparently, I also say "adorable" quite a bit. You have to imagine the sarcasm here.

6. I'm not what you'd call a people person, but I can fake it better than most. e.g. "What can I help you find today?"

Sorry. It really fell off there at the end, but this whole self examination thing can be tough. Are these things really quirks? Maybe not, but they're part of what makes my little mind work.

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Becky said...

hehehe....thanks for sharing Swanny!!!! :)We got in an obessed mode with Sopranos...I think we watched the ENTIRE series in a matter of 18-24 months....I even added HBO so that we could watch the final season with the rest of the world.