Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Eve

Indulge my end-of-the-campaign-rant:

I'm not sure if it is because of the exceptionally LONG period of time that this campaign has been going on, if it's the historic nature of the race given the unique qualities of all candidates involved, or if it is simply because of the mess we have right now that needs cleaning up, but people are so charged up for this election tomorrow. While it is a good thing that people are interested and involved, I have to admit that I've seen it truly bring out the worst in some people, and this has really disappointed me. I'm referring to people who attack character and person instead of issue, people who close their ears and their minds to anyone who states their opinion on an issue if it differs from their own. I'm referring to those who would cling to fear and insecurity instead of truth and open communication.
Never can I remember a time when people appeared so deeply divided about everything. People certainly will disagree on issues related to the needs and direction of this country, but surely we can't all be at polar opposites on every issue. To listen to people talk, both the media and every day folks, it would appear that every issue is black or white--you either support a woman's choice or you don't, you either favor privatized education or not, you support regulation of health insurance or not, you get the idea. The problem that I have seen is that people become so consumed by the absoluteness of their view, that they stop listening to people whose views differ from their own. If I am secure in my own stand on an issue, what harm is there in listening to someone explain why they view an issue differently? I'm not looking for someone to convince me to change my view, but just to understand what brings them to see a situation from a different perspective than I.
After tomorrow, the climate in this country will change. A new president-elect will be named. You may support the person who wins or you may not, but what I think is essential for all of us to remember is, that once the campaigns are over, we have to come back together. We have to remember that whether the person who moves into the White House earned your vote or not, we have to try to remain open minded about the job they have before them. We may not ever agree on some issues, but that doesn't mean we'll never agree on any. I truly believe that there are more things that connect us and similarities that can bring us together than there are differences that can divide us. Remembering this, let's all try to make a conscious effort to let go of bitterness, extremism and ego and realize that we are all a part of something with a higher purpose. If we want this world to be better for our children, we all have to help each other get there, no matter if you are democrat or republican.


zztopdog said...

Excellent post, Jen! We all need to be reminded of that (as much as I hate to admit it).;)

Anonymous said...

WELL SAID !! I completely agree and can't wait till all of this is over, a President is named and we can move forward to make things better.


Becky said...

Well said! :) The negative ads drive me CRAZY!!!! I would love for them to say, "This is what I believe and this is what I'm going to do. Listen to what the other guy believes and make your choice." If only it were that simple, huh?? But you said what I said...when all is said and done, we need to re-unite and support who ever it is that becomes our next President.

The Mrs. said...


I will be the first to admit that not three days ago I was so over this election. I'm sick of the endless ads mostly. But starting late Sunday and increasing rapidly through today I have to say that I've never been so excited for a presidential election in my entire life. I can't wait to sit in front of the TV tonight as the numbers roll in.

Big change on the horizon regardless of who wins tonight, and it's infectious. I loved that I was able to share in the process with my girls too, even if they don't get it yet. It's an honor and priviledge to vote - something I want to instill in them now - and I took full advantage of it today!

pseudored2 said...

Well said. I spend an awful lot of my time discussing this will students. Rarely do people exist on extremes, most are on some point in the spectrum, no issues is black or white. But it is a hard concept to deal with especially with the news media!