Wednesday, December 17, 2008

9 staples and a new car

For curious blog-followers out there interested in the wreckage from Swanny's accident Friday, here are some pics he snapped of his poor Rav 4 on Monday. Again, all I can say is how greatful I am that Swanny wasn't hurt any worse than he was and also that the children were not in the car...

I think this is also a testimony to how well the passenger area of a Toyota Rav 4 can withstand a crash at highway speed. Word from the accident adjuster is that the wrecker would be out today...RIP Swanny's wheels. Guess we will be in the market for new wheels in the next week here.

Swanny by the way is reporting to me that he feels much better and has made an appointment to have his hardware removed on Saturday morning with the family physician.

Drive safe in the ice tomorrow everyone!!


Anonymous said...

Jen, I don't know if you read all the comments from your blog about the accident, but Marty and I and our entire office were on Route 80 on Friday at 1:30. Marty and I were ahead of everyone else so we didn't see the accident, but I found out yesterday that my co-workers were stopped by Greg's accident. How ironic is that?! I am glad Greg is OK especially looking at his vehicle. Kay and Katie showed up last night for dinner and we talked about meeting the week after Christmas, but Kay may be going out of town, we will keep you posted. Merry Christmas !

Namaste, Julie

Swanny said...

Yeah, one of my employees unknowingly drove past the accident on her way home from work. Freaky.

zztopdog said...

OMG! After seeing your car, I can't believe you had so little injury! Thankfully, you were paying attention to what was going on behind you. I hate to think how much worse it could have been if you had not started to pull out of the way.