Tuesday, December 23, 2008

To a Four-Year-Old


Happy birthday kiddo. You make me laugh, smile, play, dress-up, pretend, learn, slow down, create, and imagine. You have obviously changed since the day you came home with us from the hospital, but you have also changed so much in just the past year. You are more independent. Your sense of humor is coming out full force (what do you call what I've been doing all day?!). You reason and rationalize, even to avoid napping or other non-desirable tasks. You read stories to yourself and to others. You have found a love of dancing. You can ride a bike. You started pre-school. You have become quite the big helper around the house and have really grown into the role of BIG SISTER in a wonderful way.

Peanut, you are a teacher. You teach me every day about patience: with you, with me and with life. Life is not something that can be planned out moment by moment, and you help me accept that (especially when it takes 20 minutes to get dressed because you want to pick out your clothes and put them on all by yourself). You teach me how to find the fun in pretending again (mommy--you be the Prince and I'll be Cinderella!). You remind me of the priorities in life (mommy--my jaw hurts because I need a snack). You have taught Swanny Jr. how to laugh, scream, squeal, and pull hair. He adores you and will ALWAYS look up to you I know.

The color you bring to our lives is something Swanny and I treasure every day. Not a single day goes by that we don't laugh about somehting you say to us or some wonderfully cute thing you've done. Your personality is coming out now: humorous, empathetic, intelligent, witty, logical, fun-loving, eager to please, bossy, black & white with rules, energetic, caring, loyal, and friendly.

I think of you last year:

And now this year.

What a change in just a year. I can't wait to enjoy what 4-years old brings and find what awaits us beyond.

I love you Peanut. Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

It's nice to see how they change, wait until she's 20 and you are trying to remember the good old days of 3 and 4. At least you have a video camera to reminisce. I just loved her letter to Santa: "I want a green car. Can I have a lady bug see-saw? I just don't know." Tell Peanut Happy Birthday and I still have that Snoopy for her when I see you guys next at the Hiway.

Merry Christmas!! Namaste.


Anonymous said...


The accident must have been contagious. I wrecked my car on Sunday in Peru, slammed into an electrical box to avoid hitting another car and ended up sitting on a live wire. Merry Christmas to me.


zztopdog said...

What a wonderful young lady she is! So sure of herself! She's a joy to watch!

pseudored2 said...

Happy birthday Peanut!!!1