Sunday, January 25, 2009


So, it's spreading through my friends on Facebook like wildfire--it's this note that you get tagged in and then you post 25 random facts about yourself. I remember when the Mrs. tagged us here at My Life WIth Dogs to list 6 quirks about ourselves a while back....well this is version 2. As I'm at a loss for blog material this weekend (sure to change soon as Swanny Jr. is beginning to stand and take steps and Peanut starts basketball in a week), I'm copying my Facebook note here, just to share. :) And I am NOT going to tag anyone specifically to do as I have done and share 25 (that's right, 25) random facts about themselves, but I will encourage anyone who would like to join in the fun to do's really not so hard to find 25, just start typing...they'll come to you. Leave a comment to let us all know you're posting (or post a few random facts in your comment) so we can learn more about you too...

Here I am in my randomness:

1. As a pediatric occupational therapist, it is often my job to teach children motor coordination. Ironically, my own motor coordination sucks.

2. I love coffee--with lots of cream and 2 Splendas please (and the nursing baby requests decaf)

3. I left the Catholic Church at the age of 26 and have found my spiritual home in the United Church of Christ.

4. My sister, with whom I fought continually growing up, has become my best friend in adulthood. I miss her so much now that she lives so far away...

5. My husband is an incredible father, which I think is quite something as he grew up with no other children in his family.

6. Both motherhood and marriage are the most frightening and most rewarding adventures I could have embarked upon in my life.

7. Despite their dysfunction, I kinda miss holiday gatherings with my extended family.

8. I'm preparing myself to become a student again in pursuit of my master's degree (possibly a doctorate)--it's surprising to me how much I'm finding myself interested in research right now!

9. I started practicing yoga in 2002 initially as a way to exercise in addition to my steady running practice. I stopped running in 2003 but have been doing yoga ever since. It has taught me much about life, about myself and about spirituality. I find its lessons inspiring and challenging and can’t ever imagine not practicing yoga.

10. I have developed a love of cooking, especially with locally grown, organic, sustainable food.

11. As much as I love being an therapist, I wish I could work just a few days a week while my kids are little...

12. I really don't like cold weather or snow, but cannot imagine living in a place where you don't experience the change of the seasons.

13. As a parent, I now appreciate my parents way more than I ever thought possible.

14. The best parts of my day are when my kids wake up and when they go to bed at night.

15. When deciding where to go to college, a big influence on my decision was that I wanted to go somewhere where I could be on my own and have a place that was mine. I never really considered staying anywhere close to home…I’m so glad I went away. It helped me grow up and discover myself.

16. I’m a dog lover and any home of mine will have a dog in it.

17. I have a nearly insatiable appetite. Throw in pregnancy or nursing a baby and I eat non-stop.

18. I wish my kids could see their grandparents more often.

19. I was a cheerleader in junior high and high school. I loved it and wish I had had time to do it in college. Emily only found out I was a cheerleader recently when she found my RIHS cheerleading sweater in her dress up bin…

20. My junior year of high school, our cheerleading squad went to the UCA National Cheerleading competition (which was in Disney World!). We placed 8th in the nation. That year, we practiced EVERY night of the week, except the nights that we cheered at basketball and football games. We raised money by doing all kinds of appearances in the Quad Cities, including cheering at the grand opening of a bank.

21. I believe that the thoughts and actions of one person affect the thoughts and actions of people around them. Negativity causes negativity and love and peace spread love and peace.

22. I’m enjoying being on the journey of parenthood with my husband more than I can say, but a part of me looks forward to the time the kids go off to college and it’s just us 2 again…

23. I would love to use my skills as an occupational therapist someday to help disabled, impoverished children in a foreign country…OT’s Without Borders anyone up for it?

24. I would love to go to India to study yoga, meditation and ayurveda someday.

25. I roll my eyes at my husband’s jokes, but really, he cracks me up.

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