Monday, January 12, 2009

So what's new?

I swear, Jen set up the best tease I've seen in a while. Sorry we've left it hanging, but as you all know, things have been a little off around here, but we're getting back on track.

For those who couldn't tell from Jen's picture, my new ride is a Toyota Prius.

Upon hearing what I was driving, one of my friends asked me if I would be passing judgment on other drivers now that my fuel efficiency is almost double what it once was. My answer? I'm already mister judgmental, I don't need a Prius to help me with that.

In all seriousness, it's a great ride. Around 40 mpg, looks small on the outside but it's huge on the inside (stop it), touch-screen everything, and a place for my iPod. I love it.

Coming up; the new toy that's allowing me to blog with out having to use an on-screen keyboard.


jen said...

My favorite side-bars about the new ride: 1) Peanut chose it and 2) it's agreen "green" car.

Rikki said...

I am only like, 99% jealous. Maybe now that Ryan trashed the Jeep we can get a Honda. Isn't that like the poor mans Prius? ;)

Anonymous said...

Just what Peanut wrote to Santa that she wanted: a green car. Good job Greg ! I am jealous about the 40 mpg, but it's not like I drive very far to work and yoga.


pseudored2 said...

I am jealous!!! Just call me green with envy.