Friday, January 9, 2009

My Life with Leia

I would like to repeat the thanks that Swanny issued to our blog readers, friends and family whom have all reached out to us at this challenging time. We appreciate your love, well wishes and fond memories of our furry baby. It's been a week since our Leia left us and although the tears are slowing, her absence is felt every day.

As I type this, I am gazing at a beautiful picture of our big sweetie on our mantle, adorned with her collar and flanked by her favorite tennis ball and I'm fondly recalling how she would chase a tennis ball all over the yard and even try to get it as it rolled under the fence.

I'm recalling the first Christmas when we brought Leia home to live with us, how she curled up in my lap on the car on the ride home and how she slept in my lap when Bubba and Gayle came over to play Euchre. I'm remembering how she loved to chase bubbles, how she'd jump after a handful of fall leaves tossed into the air, and how she'd heel to Peanut's stroller instead of us when we'd take doggy and baby for walks. I'm remembering her big hugs (which were really kisses with her paws on your shoulders).

I'm remembering how she never really begged people food (as she was never given much of it), but just couldn't help herself but to take the last half of a grilled cheese sandwich off of my plate when I got up to answer the phone when I was 8 months pregnant with Peanut. I'm remembering how Leia raced through our house when we first bought it-- so excited that 5 of 7 rooms were carpeted and she had traction! I'm remembering when Peanut was a baby and I took her up to lay her in her crib for a nap, I returned to the living room to find Leia curled up in Peanut's Boppy pillow.

I'm remembering how Leia loved Swanny Jr. despite his tendency to grab her collar and not let go.

Leia was so energetic, full of life and fun. My memories of her are sweet and happy and are helping me find some comfort despite how very much I miss her.

In her memory, I give thanks. I give thanks that she came into our lives and we were able to provide a loving home for her. I give thanks that she was a loyal companion and a loving, cuddly pup who always wanted to snuggle. I give thanks that she was there for me to pet when I was sad and lonely. I give thanks that she was there to play with, there to walk with and there to share my life with for a short while. For her love and friendship, I will always be grateful and her being a part of our family, I will always treasure.


zztopdog said...

That is so sweet and loving; I cried reading it. I miss that big sweetie too.

Becky said...

so sweet...i love the snuggle sleepy picture of momma, baby and fur baby. :)

Anonymous said...

That was a nice post Jen. Once again you made me cry. Dogs truly are our best friends. I am glad her memories are comforting you and Greg and making it (maybe) a little easier. Amidst my crying the pic of her laying of Peanut's boppy thing made me laugh. I am so glad to hear that Maggie has become more playful and social and hope she continues.