Sunday, January 4, 2009


Jen and I just wanted to let everyone know how much we appreciate the outpouring of support at this difficult time in our life. Leia was (and will continue to be) a huge part of our family. As will happen though, we didn't know what we had 'till it was gone. It's hardest for me when I'm walking in the door, listening to Maggie barking because we're home. I go to quiet Mags down and immediately look to make eye contact with Leia, who's not there. But I'll always remember how she would look at me as if to say, "Seriously? This is what I deal with every day. Why is she so loud about everything?"

For Jen, the toughest time is when she's getting the kids ready for naps or bedtime. Leia would follow Jen into Peanut's and Swanny Jr's rooms and lay down beside mother and child until Jen was ready to leave the room.

The house is a lot quieter now without Leia's jingling collar ringing throughout, and our bed's not as warm without that fifty pound space heater wedging herself between us. It's still hard to accept that she's not going to come strolling into the room with a tennis ball in her mouth and a crazed, playful look in her eyes. It's sad to know that she can't play chase with Peanut.

We all miss her terribly and will for some time. Even Maggie, who's always taken her cues from Leia, seems a bit lost without the big girl around. Maggie will rebound nicely though, I think. She's already started trying to fill the void that Leia has left, appearing to be much more sociable than she usually is, much more willing to play.

If Maggie can begin to move on, then so can we. Eventually. I'll always love Leia and she will be the dog by which all other dogs in our house will be measured. We'll all move past this in our own ways and time. With the support of friends and readers like you, hopefully that process will be made that much easier.

Thank you all so much for keeping us and Leia in your thoughts. It makes me smile to know that she touched so many people in so many ways.

Give me a couple more days and we'll tie up some loose ends like cars, head staples, and birthdays. For now, though, I just want to reflect on my life with on particular dog.


pseudored2 said...

What a great post. all of us with pets know that we will probably out live them, but that does not make it any easier. This has made me hug spense just a little bit tighter. I hope that everyday gets better than the last one.

Becky said...

What a crazy month it's been for your family....reading your posts reflecting on your sweet pup this week has made me appreciate our Max a little more. His bark can drive me nutty, but how quiet this place would be without him. :) Hugs all around the Swanny's Peanut doing with all of this???

Jodi Scharer said...

I love the photos! But my heart still aches for all of you, because I know how sad you are right now, and I know how much you miss your pup. I can tell you that each day gets a little better. Leia was blessed to be part of such a loving family.