Monday, February 2, 2009

Money, it's gotta be the shoes.

Tonight was Peanut's first peewee basketball practice.

Obviously, she's inherited my natural ability on the hardwood. Oh well, at least she seemed to have fun. I'm sure we'll have plenty of entertaining footage after her first game on Saturday.


zztopdog said...

She really did very well. It looks likes she's the only girl in the class??? Even Maru said she was doing very well for a girl her age!

jen said...

She's the only girl on her team. There are 4 teams. It looked like 3 of the teams each had 1 girl. The other team had at least 2. She had fun! Can't wait for the "game" on saturday...her team (the Nuggets) plays the Lakers. :)

zztopdog said...

Having fun and feeling good about the experience is all that counts!

Anonymous said...

That's great that you guys are putting her in a lot of things. I think that's very important.


The Mrs. said...

I love how she started out in one position on the wall and then on the way back was about four positions away from her original spot. She sort of had that look on her face like, "I think I better stick with ballet". ;)

Here's something crazy - guess whose video popped up along the bottom line when Peanut's video was done. Shortcake! Craziness.