Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sick and Tired

Meet Sick

And here's Tired

Swanny Jr. is the proud owner of his first ear infection. Again, wanting to show that he can do things earlier than his dear sis, he's experiencing Amoxicillin good 3 months before Peanut ever did....yikes. I hope this isn't a sign of what's to come. Despite the nasty nose and hacking cough that has plagued him this week, our Swanny Jr. has been in pretty good spirits (except of course when he sees you coming with a tissue--then you see how fast the little man can crawl). A day home from "work" with Mommy and one with Daddy has him feeling like a new man. I'm sure that antibiotic ain't hurtin' either!

And Peanut, so tired from her VERY busy day.  The first photo was of her at about 3 pm today--a solid nap if there ever was one.  She started early this morning with her very first basketball game at 9 am. The events of that hour....too funny. You just have to see it for yourself.

I know, the kids were traveling. Remember folks, these kids are 4 and can barely dribble the ball standing still, let alone walking. They cut 'em some slack at this age.  Peanut knows to get her hands up on defense though...although Auntie told me to tell her to stay high in the paint today, whatever that means, I'm not so sure she did it.  That's why there's practice, right?

Peanut seemed to enjoy herself once she started playing with her attention on the ball not the just the other kids. After several lengths up and down the court, she came over to me and said, "Mommy, it's too much running." I told her to go after the ball not just chase the other kids and that seemed to help. She scored a basket and was quite pleased with herself.

A mere 2 and a half hours and some chicken nuggets later, Peanut found herself cartwheeling and doing her plies for Ms Patty at dance class. She came home and as usual showed me all of her tricks, then went down for a nap. You saw the end result above....At least I think I can safely say she'll be napping on Saturdays if she doesn't nap any other day of the week, huh Rikki?!

Have a fun weekend everyone!


zztopdog said...

Oh awesome pix and video! What fun! LOL funny! And what a little trooper! Thanks for sharing; and give little Jr a get well kiss from grammy.

deb said...

What a cute video. You go, Em! I hope Adam is much better today.


pseudored2 said...

Go peanut!She is going to be a star! I hope swanny jr feels better soon!