Monday, May 11, 2009

The fixer-upper

The sun is shining a bit more these days. The temperature is climbing and flowers and trees are blooming. Spring is here. Time to get gardens planted and houses cleaned. Time also to jump back into some sort of fitness routine.

I haven't been to the gym since before I joined the snip-snip mafia, and my eating habits have basically gone to hell. Depression over my condition has set in and I've HAD it. See, my problem is that I feel shitty about the way I feel and the crap I eat, but the way I deal with that is by eating for of the garbage that makes me feel lousy. It's a vicious circle that just goes round and round.

Which is why they call it a circle.

So, no more. No more excuses for not going to the gym. No more excuses for not taking walks as a family, or for going running with the dogs. No more excuses for how convenient the drive-thru is. Time to dig deep and show some discipline. After I show this bag of Oreos who's boss.


Anonymous said...

You go Greg (right after the oreos). Just think of it as you need to give the dogs exercise - that always motivates me if I think I am doing it for them.
Good Luck! And it's nice to see our consistent blogger is back.


zztopdog said...

Way to go, Greg!

Becky said...

YAY YOU!!!! Winter just puts everything out of whack...blah! It's cold and dreary and food gives us comfort. HOWEVER, like you said, SPRING IS HERE! I love family walks!!! Even if it's not getting the heart rate up, you are spending time WITH the family and moving! :) I'm sure the doggies would love to run too...what dog doesn't? HA! I've become a huge subway fan over my taco bell/burger king. lots of veggies, no cheese or condiments and either turkey or chicken on whole wheat...and they have yummy apples for a crunch on the side. :)

Rikki said...

I hear you Bro (is it weird for a girl to say "bro"?).

If eating is your MO feel free to join me and my MIL (and about 30 other gray-haired ladies) every Tuesday morning for our weight watchers meeting.

You may get a few funny looks being the only guy, but I am sure you can handle it.

The offer is on the table...