Tuesday, May 19, 2009


What a busy week. Between rehearsals, graduations, birthdays, recitals, garden blessings and board meetings, I feel like my family's life is a whirlwind this week. Here's a teaser to get you ready for this weekend.

Peanut will be starring in her first dance recital Friday and Saturday nights as well as Sunday afternoon. Here are some shots from rehearsals.

Having seen these girls in action, I can't wait for the recital! They'll be too cute. Hopefully they won't upstage Swanny Jr.'s First Birthday Party too much on Sunday!


Becky said...

CUTE!!!!!!! Busy, Busy....tis the season though!!!!! Swanny Jr is one already???? WOW!!!!

zztopdog said...

Darling! She really looks like she loves it!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see more.


pseudored2 said...

Oh my god how cute! I just want to sqeeze some cheeks!

The Mrs. said...

Looking at the sweetness of her face in these pictures makes me think you were making up all those stories you were telling me over lunch. No WAY does that little princess throw fits and push boundaries!