Sunday, January 3, 2010

Weekend Update Volume 1

Here is my attempt at my 2010 New Year's Resolution. I typically have a few of them (which I do this year), but the first I am undertaking is that I am going to blog one time per week. I keep taking cute pictures of my kids, dogs and other randomness that goes on in our life, but I am simply not taking the time to blog about the goings-on here at My Life With Dogs. I am going to do at least one post per week, probably over the weekend since that's when I have the most "free time". Since this weekend is going to be over in 10 minutes, I figured I better post now. Here are some quick catch-you-ups since I haven't done a decent post in several months.

Peanut: has turned 5, THOROUGHLY enjoyed both her birthday and Christmas, has had her first sleepover, is loving dance class and eagerly awaiting the beginning of her 2nd basketball season, and is now the proud owner of a loose tooth. Is it possible that she's talking about kindergarten? Wasn't she just born?

Swanny JR: is the hell-raiser-in-cheif around here, running, climbing, pushing the stool to climb up and get whatever I've put out of his reach, sitting in the refrigerator whenever it is open and of course, hitting or crossing his arms over his chest when he is mad. His pediatrician summed it up best, "mellow girl, active boy--you're going to notice a significant difference between them!" Um, yes sir, we do.

He is talking like crazy--naming body parts (loves to say butt, and pat his diaper when it is full), naming animals and people in the house. He's trying to do whatever big sis does, but then the boy instincts take over and he's dumping his entire fleet of cars in her princess tent.

(That's right, he climbed right up and stood on one of the tubs of Christmas decorations when they came out!)

Swanny: Survived the holiday season in the retail world (barely). This year was a tough one for us. We seemed to see less of him than usual, he seemed to work far more hours than usual and he was way more stressed than I can remember him being in recent years. He's trying to remain dedicated to running even in this FRIGID weather--although this weekend he gave in and took to a treadmill at the YMCA rather than the frozen streets of Ottawa. As always, he's trying to do what he can to keep me sane...which seems to get harder by the moment these days.

Me: Well, passed my first graduate class and ready to start my second this month. Yoga, work, church and kids keeping me busy. After nearly coming unraveled a few times over Christmas break, I've decided I'm trying to do way too much both professionally and personally and I really need to examine how I'm spending my time. I can't really say I'm allowing myself much time to enjoy the things I am staying busy with let alone getting to do any of them with any feeling of satisfaction. I went to a yoga class this weekend for the first time in over a month and it felt awesome. I'm planning on trying to carve out more time for myself for these things...blogging included. Hence the resolution.

See how tired we both look?? Let's see if we can't treat ourselves a little better here in 2010, huh?

The doggies are doing well. They play and sleep, eat, play and sleep some more. They survived their first stint together at the Kennel while we were visiting family at Christmas and seemed no worse for the wear.

Penny sure enjoyed getting Christmas presents this year, but she wasn't as into them as our big sweetie, Leia used to be. Our Leia passed away one year ago yesterday and I have to say Swanny and I were thinking of her all day.

I need to end here...resolution 2010 underway, I'll need to do more catching up this week to fill in the gaps of the last few months and finally dump all those pictures off of my camera!

Happy New Year everyone!


Anonymous said...

I was thinking about Leia the other day :( good thing you have Penny and Maggie :). I just love the markings on Maggie, so cute. Glad to see Emily and Adam are doing good and keeping you on your toes. We miss you at yoga Jen !!

zztopdog said...

Great update and pix! Both kids are absolute dolls!