Friday, January 8, 2010

Weekend Update Volume 2 (Part1)

I had intended to post a photo-heavy recap of the recent fun at My Life With Dogs earlier this week, but I think I need to just be content with my weekend-update-blogging-resolution and not put extra pressure on myself.

Here goes:

Peanut's 5th birthday was a hoot. Grandparents and neighbors gathered at our house for fancy cupcakes and gifts galore about 2 weeks prior to the big day.

As presents go, the Swan Palace was the biggest hit, but the Caboodle filled with nail polish, lip gloss and a new boa sure was a favorite too.

On the day of her birthday, Peanut invited 2 friends over for her first ever sleep-over. The girls had a ball with pizza, dress up, nail-painting, playing, movies and of course an impromptu concert from 2 beloved local musicians.

Swanny Jr. was frustrated during the event as he was banished from Peanut's bedroom where the girls were playing. He finally gave up and instead decided to play Twister Hopscotch on his own....except all he wanted to do was wear the rings as fancy necklaces.

Peanut has also christened her Easy Bake oven, concocting the yellow cake with chocolate frosting (she also had to add princess sprinkles).

She donned her apron and mixed away.

She removed the cake and helped me serve it up.

Swanny Jr. loved his portion.

Peanut, in her own words, "got carried away" and ate not only her piece but Swanny's quarter as well.

Christmas was very nice. I have found since becoming a mother that I thoroughly love experiencing events like this through my kids. They are just so genuine in their excitement and enjoyment.

Swanny Jr. said "mine" every time a present was handed to him and could this holiday season pick out any Santa within a 20 foot radius wherever we went. Peanut carefully put out cookies, carrots and milk for Santa and his reindeer. She woke up sadly on Christmas morning saying she hadn't heard Santa's sleigh nor heard him say "Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night" so she was certain that he hadn't come to our house. This was of course not the case. Santa brought presents for Peanut, Swanny Jr. and Swanny. I *ahem* must not have been on the nice list because my stocking was empty....

Swanny Jr. is getting so big. He and Peanut both had check ups at the pediatrician's office and I was not entirely shocked to find out that he's tipping the scale at 30 pounds already. Now I know the source of my back pain. Here he is doing what he does best: eating.

Applesauce. Everywhere. It was responsible for the extra body in his hair the rest of the day no matter how much I tried to wash it out.

Anyway, things are settling down a little now that the holidays are behind us. You can find Swanny at home more nights now rather than working. You can find me chasing after a 1 year old making sure he isn't hitting the dog with his light saber or pulling all of the movies off of the shelf. I may also be painting a 5 year old's nails, helping her fasten on a crown or fancy dress up jewelry, or telling her to stop wiggling her loose tooth in front of me (it's soooo starting to creep me out).

You'll find Peanut most nights now dressed up as a princess and playing in her new tent....

You'll find Swanny Jr....

in time out. (Probably for hitting, throwing, or some other transgression typical of a one and a half year old boy). This one's going to bring on the gray hair like no other for us I have a feeling....

Have a good weekend everyone!


Becky said...

Swanny Jr. is sooooo cute!!!! But I'm afraid you may have your hands full. :) Peanut is getting so big. Loose teeth and finger nail polish!!!! Kindergarten is just around the corner for her.

mdrobs23 said...

Way to go "Santa"! Leaving Jen's stocking empty!!!!

The Mrs. said...

Swanny Jr. has morphed into such a little boy! It's strange - he looks exactly the same as he did last year, but so totally different at the same time. Does that make any sense?

Welcome to life with a hell raiser (p.s. - this means we can still be friends)!

zztopdog said...

The Mrs is right about SJ! Great pix!