Saturday, January 9, 2010

Weekend Update Volume 2 (part 2)

So did I tell you about the time my husband decided to divorce me?

Well, brace yourselves because I'm sure that'll be coming as soon as he sees the package due to arrive at our house within 3 business days from Barnes and Noble.

I am the worst kind of spouse who shopped the competition in order to find a planner that will meet my scheduling needs for the next 12 months.

I refuse to pay full price for a calendar, especially after I was told by a reliable source, that calendars are still profitable when they are being sold for $1 in February. Why pad the profit of a big company by paying $12 or more for one in December when you can't even use the thing until January anyway??

Well, I think this is the reason why you buy them early. I need a new planner so that I can be sure I'm not missing annual reviews, evaluations, team meetings, yoga classes and basketball games. Swanny brought me one home from his store that he thought was similar to the one I had been using this year. The only similarity was the size really. I described what I needed (month at a glance, weeks broken down and hour slots on the days) and sadly, Swanny's store was out of those particular planners.

I discovered, however in cleaning house of some old gift cards that had piled up in my kitchen, a $5.00 gift card a student had given me at least 2 or 3 years ago from Barnes and Noble. I remember when Swanny saw that I had been gifted this item he nearly had a stroke. That must be how it got buried and forgotten in the message center on my refrigerator. Anyway, I found on their website a planner that I think will suit my needs, used my gift card and will be expecting divorce papers just as soon as my husband sees the package arrive.

You think I'm kidding? Swanny often won't even call that company by it's name. "The guys with the Green Sign" are the nice way he talks about them. I have witnessed him tell folks that the people who own/run/work for/shop at "the guys with the green sign" are baby eaters. That's right, they eat babies. He also told me that just a week or so ago someone asked him about the nook (the B&N e-reader) and he advised the guy to not get one because it would burst into flames in his hand.

He'll have an even bigger tantrum when I tell him I ordered it using his computer!
Anyone have a comfy couch I can sleep on?


Swanny said...

AARRGH!!! Now my Mac's gonna get a virus. Don't worry, I won't divorce you. I may get a little stabby when the package comes. Fair warning.

jen said...

Virus, huh? Now I bet you'll say that B&N can give you and STD online.

zztopdog said...

Jen, you're always welcome here! Oh wait, I'm going to work for Borders soon too!

Patti said...

Ha!! Tell him that the place with the green sign is better than Boarders in Orland Park. See what he does than! ;)