Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Update Volumes 7 & 8

Ok, so I missed a week. Does that technically count as already breaking my new year's resolution?
Life has been running at break-neck speed around the Swanny household lately. Unfortunately, I've been finding myself either in the grips of a ho-hum-type attitude no doubt brought on by the gloomy cold and busyness, or I find myself running after children and wiping noses and taking temperatures instead of snapping cute pictures of them.

In the past 12 days:
Swanny Jr as gotten 2 new teeth
Swanny Jr has had croup
Swanny Jr has had at least 3 days of fever (not for a week now--hopefully it lasts)
Swanny Jr has begun using 2 and 3 word phrases consistently for example:
Daddy shoes
Butt poop
Daddy running
Adam eat it, all gone
Aw, jeez (sounds just like his dad when he says that one)

Peanut and Swanny attended the Daddy-Daughter Dance at the YMCA stepping both of them out of their social comfort zones. They looked so sweet, but only had enough interest for dancing one song, having a cookie then coming home.

Peanut had camp-out day at Pre-school complete with jammies and s'mores.
Peanut has scored at least 6 points in the 2 basketball games she has played in.

Swanny took a run in the snow today and LOVED it.
Swanny has been reading, cooking and cleaning a lot because his wife is so caught up in all of the work she has to get done.

I have been raising money like a lunatic for Special Olympics (you can still donate--there's still time!!)
I have been LOVING the new flip-video camera that my dad and step-mom gave me for an early birthday present.
I am up to my ears in my current grad school class--readings, papers, presentations oh my!

All of the "little" things out of the way, we have entered the Lent season. Lent has never really been terribly important to me personally--just another thing that in my Catholic upbringing made me feel sad and guilty. This year, however, the thought of not being able to be at church on Ash Wednesday for Soup Supper and Taize service was quite troubling to me so despite the hectic go-go-go schedule we had this past week, the kids and I made it there for supper and service. It was worth it. Good community, nice meditation time (even with a squirmy 22 month old on my lap), and good things to think about.
I'll quote part of Pastor Lisa's prayer:
"In fear, but also in hope we come together with ashes on our heads. The planet is dying in our hands, people turn to each other for food and strength only to be shoved away. Each day we deal in death, yet pretend that we are good. Let us take forty days to look hard at our so-called goodness and see what it covers up. Then we will join together on taking up the cross of living in the world as it is, for there is only one earth and one human race."

Lent for me is going to be a time of reflection of what the truth is in me and around me--and how the path that I choose to walk is an expression of that truth or a contradiction to it...not easy stuff to ponder, but life isn't always supposed to be easy, is it?

Soup supper is every Wednesday during lent at 6:00 at First Congregational United Church of Christ in Ottawa. Taize service follows at 7:00 with lessons, prayer, songs and time for reflection and meditation. It's a nice way to get centered and connect at the same time. You should come!

That's the latest from My Life with Dogs. Fair warning, next weekend's update will likely be entitled: Paper due Monday, see you next weekend. I need to get back to that now....take care!


Becky said...

WHEW! You crazy, busy, family!!! Time does fly doesn't it? YAY Swanny for all the help....what a GREAT guy you have. ;) My two cents, Lent doesn't have to be about giving something should be about drawing closer to God...and that sounds like exactly what you are doing. Chad has been VERY interested in trying to do a Taize service at our Church but is in need of some inspiration on HOW to do it and get it started.

zztopdog said...

What a great post! Greg and Em look so very sweet together! Can't wait to ***HEAR*** more from Adam!

jen said...

I know it's a hike for you guys Becky, but you are MORE than welcome to come over for service sometime and check it out! (Or even if you or Chad would like to talk to someone on our Deacon's board or to our pastor I could arrange it!)
And Grammy I'm sure he'll be saying your name soon!!

The Mrs. said...

Love the picture of Peanut and Swanny. I think the pearl necklace was a perfect accessory, Peanut!