Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Fun and Fright

Yesterday, while out buying necessities to prepare our family to depart on a week's vacation to the beach, I made what will perhaps be the BEST purchase of the summer.

Folks, I introduce you to the Tie-Knot Battle Pump by Kaos.

This little beauty is what I dreamt of as a child: it allows you to quickly fill your water balloon and tie it off with ease so you can wage war on your sister in a more timely and efficient manner.  Can I get an AMEN from those of you who spend more energy tying those silly balloons than launching them?!

Swanny Jr. is going to demonstrate the genius of this little device for you:

A water balloon battle ensued complete with a handshake and taking 10 paces from each other before the chaos reigned.

Peanut noted that we need to take the Tie-Knot with us to the 4th of July party where there is always an EPIC water balloon fight.  Swanny Jr. said we need to take it on vacation.  Grammy (my mom, visiting until tomorrow) said she'd take it every where with her!

Luckily we managed to squeeze in the water balloon fun before weather took a turn for the worse last night.  I was at Yoga, the kids at home with Grammy preparing to come to the YMCA to swim when the first batch of storms hit our area.

The kids and mom never did make it to the Y--our sweet children preferring instead to stay home and comfort our fearful doggies.  I returned to this:

This is the view as you look north down our road this morning.  Pretty scary.  Three of the large beautiful trees that adorn our street were ravaged by the storms last night and large portions of them came down in the road.  Luckily, no houses seem to have been damaged and the power stayed on. We were so fortunate that power stayed on and that we had no water in the basement.  I'm hearing stories about that from so many today.  I hope you all weathered the storm safely.

Since the storms seem to have cleared, you'll find us here at My Life With Dogs filling and tossing our water balloons again!

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