Saturday, March 22, 2008

In Your Easter Bonnet

Easter is tomorrow--I'm sure I'm not the only one upon whom this holiday has snuck up this year. Let's face it, it can't fall much earlier in the calendar than this. I realized about 36 hours ago that we had gotten out Easter baskets and because I nearly missed valentine's day, I had purchased Easter gifts weeks ago, but we had not really done anything else to prepare for the coming holiday. (If you don't count the fancy cross I fashioned my palms into from Palm Sunday last weekend that is now adorning my mantle).

Swanny and I have had the discussion in the past about how big a deal we want to make Easter for Peanut. We've tried to emphasize the importance of the religious holiday, but really how many grown-ups find it confusing that Christ was celebrated as he entered Jerusalem then a week later was tacked up on a cross to die then walked out of his tomb 3 days later. Miracle, savior, I get all that, but how do you make that story 3-year-old-friendly?? And let's face it, she's more into the plastic Easter eggs, baskets and honestly--she's my child and would give away all 3 of her Snoopy dogs, her dad and me for some M & M's and Jelly Beans. We questioned our Easter traditions starting last year--you know the holiest day of the Church year that remembers the resurection of Christ being celebrated primarily by giving baskets full of eggs and candy. Makes less sense than the big guy in the red suit who doesn't get prosecuted for breaking-and-entering every house in the world on December 24th to celebrate the birth of the messiah. However, I'm no one to ruin a holiday where you are allowed (and when pregnant encouraged) to eat your weight in sugary treats, so...

In a rush of I'm-a-bad-mom-because-I'm-so-busy-with-work-and-being-pregnant-I didn't-do-anything-special-with-my-daughter-for-Easter guilt I decided that Peanut and I needed to partake in dying eggs last night. I picked her up from her new sitter, Rikki's house (watch out for her on trivia--she's getting faster!!) to find her putting the finishing touches on this:

You're seeing it right, folks, it's a bunny cake complete with coconut fur, licorice whiskers, jelly bean eyes, a marshmallow tail (located along the side of the bunny), and hot pink ears. The bunny was adoreable and Peanut and her friends seemed to have a BLAST making them.

The kiddos then showed me the Easter bonnets they made--again, very cute idea! While Peanut was eager to show me her Easter bonnet at Rikki's house, she was less eager to model it for the camera.

And here she is proudly displaying both of her works of art from the day.

After dinner, we got down to the business of egg-dying. We gathered our materials:

While we waited for the dye tablets to dissolve, Peanut declared that they were "stinky". I guess she's not a vinegar fan!

She helped me put an egg in each cup/tub and we waited....and waited.....and waited....

To pass the time, Peanut suggested we saw into the bunny cake, and I couldn't think of a single reason why we should not, so, we enjoyed cake as the eggs turned colors.

Soon the eggs were dyed and dried and Peanut was finally able to do what she had been so patiently anticipating: putting stickers all over the colored eggs.

The finished product was a great demonstration of her creativity and she was quite pleased with the outcome.

She proudly showed them off to Swanny this morning and to her friend Baby Bubba who stopped by to pick her up for breakfast this morning.

So, we're feeling a little more festive around here and looking forward to a nice service at church tomorrow and a delicious meal at Hank's. I'm sure there will be egg-hunting fun and more around our house. Hoping everyone has a great holiday!!


Swanny said...

Yeah, the eggs are festive, sugary treats are great, and NOBODY understands what the damn rabbit has to do with the religiosity of the day, but answer me this: dead for three days, then arises? Technically, is Jesus a zombie?

Anonymous said...
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Jen said...

I think technically, you'll find a difference between the walking dead (zombies) and the resurrected (Christ). Why don't you ask Pastor Lisa today? :)

The Mrs. said...

Awesome job, Peanut. What an artist! That first picture of her in the bonnet is priceless.

Hope you're enjoying your break!