Friday, April 11, 2008

Boxers and e-collars don't mix

I felt bad for Leia because she was obviously freaked out.

But not so bad that I couldn't take a few pictures.

The good news is, she was able to calm down and tolerated the e-collar for a while. That is, until this afternoon. When Jen and Peanut got home, they found that Leia had managed to get the collar off and decided to chew on it a bit.

At least she seems to be feeling like her old self.


jen said...

I like what her vet, Dr. Clayton had to say today when we told him that she was feeling pretty much like her old self again and what had happened with collar.....I guess she showed it!

Anonymous said...

Shane did the same thing with his collar, only he didn't chew on it. That was the last he saw of his collar - once he got it off we never put it back on. I'm glad she is feeling better.


The Mrs. said...

Poor Leia. I feel bad saying this, but those pictures cracked me up. Glad she's getting some of her spunk back!

Grant said...

Poor Snow Cone....errrr....Leia. My girls hate those collars. I haven't tried these, but know others who have used these alternative ones. Here's the link:

Jen said...

Don't worry Mrs.--we laughed too. And thanks for the tip Grant--we'll check it out if she starts bothering her stitches. So far so good.