Saturday, May 17, 2008

Patience is a virtue

For those of you checking in on My Life With Dogs every day, anxiously anticipating news of our new addition, you'll share my sentiment today: Let's get on with it already!

According to Dr. E. this week, no more progress over last week (or the week before that for that matter). This little man is certainly going to come on his own time-frame, that is for certain. Perhaps he's waiting for Memorial Day (Peanut was born just before a holiday after all), maybe he wants the weather to be more full blown summer, maybe he wants to share birthday with his Grandpa (June 1st), or maybe he just can't bear the thought of being born into a world where there is no official democratic presidential nominee yet. Personally, I told Dr. E. that I thought they were just much better at guessing my due date this time around.

His leisurly journey towads birth may be, I think the first of what I anticipate to be many differences between he and Peanut. She, who was 10 days early, has always been kind of a go-getter, on the ball, ahead of the game. I think the waiting game we are playing with Swanny Jr. might mean that he is going to be a little more laid back, needing the fire lit under him to get him going...kinda like dear old Dad. Also, maybe an indication that he is going to do things his own way, not the way that has been blazed before him. Should I be scared?

Whatever the reason for the waiting game that ensues right now, it sure is teaching me a lot about patience, letting go of the things you have no control over and living and enjoying the present moment. I've decided (especially now that I'm officially done with work) to stop fretting about when he's going to make his appearance, and just enjoy my last days of being pregnant. To be present with the sensations of him rolling and bumping around in my belly. To enjoy this connection only he and I have for whatever time is left and be thankful for the little blessing we are going to be welcoming sometime soon. Although, that is much easier said than done.


zztopdog said...

I do think it would be kind of cool if he was born on the 23rd - like his dad and his sister....

Rikki said...

Any day now...:)

Enjoy your week (assuming Swanny Jr. waits a little while longer) of lasagna making and nursery prepping! You deserve it!

The Mrs. said...

That last paragraph made me miss being pregnant!!!

EVERYONE was asking me today, "Did Jen have the baby?". I so badly wanted to tell them yes! MJQ and I are anxiously awaiting your call/email!

I hope you took some time to relax today!

OBRNmary said...

Well said, yoga lady. Time must feel like it is stretching. I'm sure you're breathing with it. What makes labor start on its own anyway?