Monday, July 14, 2008

Random Updates

Not to over-shadow Swanny's sad phone situation below--our deepest condolences Swanny, but I thought I'd update our loyal readers on the random goings on around here.

We had a fun, laid-back 4th of July with Bubba, Gayle, and Baby Bubba (who is so darn cute and looking so grown up, we're going to have to officially change his blog name to Bubba Jr.--especially since I've dubbed their next heir--due end of October--Bubba Jr. Jr.).

The kids had fun in the pool at our place, since Bubba and Gayle currently find their home under construction--majorly. A second story is being added and it's plywood, piping and insulation galore! At least they have all of their walls and a roof again--despite new skylights in the downstairs ceilings hey didn't plan on. YIKES. Anyway, the kiddos also had a ton of fun with the sparklers (except Swanny Jr. who was already in bed when we busted out the combustibles).

Peanut was less thrilled about the sparklers she held in her had than she was about the giant fountain fireworks that Bubba and Swanny pulled out next. Seriously, she snapped like 10 pictures of her own while seated with me viewing the sparkler display.

After we wrapped up the show at home, we walked to the bridge to view Ottawa's firework spectacle. Meh. It was ok.

My Dad had called earlier in the week prior to the holiday and invited us to his house to have a cookout that weekend, so we headed to his place the next day. Fun was had by all as Swanny and Dad enjoyed target shooting with the B.B. guns

while Peanut threw and kicked a ball nearly as big as she was and enjoyed a rather large sucker.

She also enjoyed picking fresh raspberries with Grandpa and Grandma.

The next morning, she insisted we have them on pancakes...mommy was quite tired and insisted that she would make pancakes for dinner the next night if we let the folks at the HiWay cook pancakes for us that morning.

Peanut enjoyed carrying around a flag for a few days after the holiday, even though we didn't really talk about what the holiday was about or meant. That was made obvious when she was waving it in the house saying, "I'm the Queen!"

She then went on to dub Swanny Jr. the King and Swanny and I prince and princess respectively....I guess she's unclear on the pecking order in the house....or perhaps it's me who is unclear....

We made a trip to the QC midweek to have haircuts and visit with Grammie La and Grammies Pam and Maru. Peanut has now started calling Grammie Maru, Maria. Yeah, it's her real name, but it feels like the equivalent of her calling me "Jen" instead of Mommy. It was awfully nice to visit. (I of course forgot the camera--sorry no pic for this trip.)

We've done lots of playing outside lately. Check out these shots, the first of which is Peanut on her slide last summer, about this time when we first put up her swing set. The next was taken yesterday.

Wow. Is that the same kid?? Where does the time go!?

Peanut's been doing lots of swimming, bike riding and watering of her flowers.

Her gardening endeavors are turning out much better than my own this summer...the only thing I'm successfully helping to grow is Swanny Jr.

I'll take that though.

Swanny Jr. has been along for the ride. Playing, napping, eating, pooping, then repeat.

We're enjoying the "lazy days of summer" for sure. The best was today. Swanny Jr., Peanut and I all enjoyed a nap together. I woke up before both of them and just had to snap this one...I know it won't be long before neither of them will be napping, let alone with mom, or with each other...

(Sorry it's so dark, but a flash might have woken them both up!!)

blessings....the kids and the nap! :) And don't worry, Rikki, Swanny Jr won't be getting so used to napping with mom in her bed that he won't be able to nap for you when he joins the Crew.

And, since this is "My Life With Dogs", this is what our other girls have been up to.

Hope you all are enjoying your summer too!!


Rikki said...

Wow! That was the mother of all posts!

Such a nice mid-summer update. Thanks for sharing!

Becky said...

You must still be on Maternity leave??? How long is that for (not long enough I'm sure) I LOVE LOVE LOVE my little snuggle naps with my babies...I've been VERY guilty of doing it with all THREE. But like you said, it doesn't last. Lazy days of summer are bestest! I have no idea how on earth I"ll be able to have kids on buses at 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. in a few weeks. YIKES!!!!